The Complete IP Subnetting Course: Beginner to Advanced Free Coupon

A deep dive into IP addressing and IP subnetting. Great for CCNA/CCNP, MCSE and CompTIA students.

What you’ll learn

  • How to subnet using shortcuts.
  • How to approach typical subnetting questions found in the CCNA, MCSA or CompTIA Network+ exams.


  • No previous networking experience is assumed by the instructor.


This course dives deep into IPv4 addressing and IPv4 subnetting. Starting with binary math and ending with difficult IPv4 subnetting problems this course will prepare you for the subnetting questions on the CCNA, MCSA and CompTIA Network+ exams. Full of shortcuts and useful insights you will gain the clearest understanding of IPv4 addressing and IPv4 subnetting you have every had. 

This course divides the material up into small increments and then conquers each with multiple examples, practice questions and video explanations. You will never just get stuck on IPv4 subnetting again. 

Who this course is for:

  • Network engineers, network administrators and individuals seeking the CCNA, MCSA or CompTIA Network+ certifications.
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